When Someone Dies


First contact should be with your family doctor, or if palliative care nursing are involved, then they will help to guide you. Before the deceased can be removed, a medical professional will need to verify the death. It is at this point you should contact Michael Lee Funeral Director, who will personally take care of all the arrangements;  it is not necessary to have the death certificate before you contact us.


When someone dies in hospital, hospice or nursing home, the medical Professional on call will help to guide you; they will make arrangements with the doctor to issue the death certificate. You should then contact Michael Lee Funeral Director to help start the necessary arrangements and personally support you and your loved ones. Once again it is not necessary to have the death certificate before you contact us.


In some cases, a person dies suddenly and has not been seen recently by a doctor, the police are involved, then the corner will be contacted. They will decide how to deal with the death regarding the paperwork. Michael Lee Funeral Director will personally liase with the coroner and update you daily on any developments. If a sudden death is at home, the family have the option to instruct the police of their preferred Funeral Director, to transport their loved one to the hospital for investigation by the coroner.